Britain has Capitulated to Islam

Opinion by AAABTonto:

While perusing the web earlier I came across an article that claimed that leaders of EDL (English Defense League),Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll, had been arrested in in the UK while on a walk for charity. The charity walk was hosted for a young cancer victim.  Police had apparently warned them to avoid areas with mosques and faced arrest if they went ahead with a planned walk. Then, upon nearing Woolwich, southeast London, where Lee Rigby was hacked to death, an EDL-opponent attacked them–so police arrested Tommy and Kevin. Fortunately, the incident was captured by cameras …

Tommy Robinson & Kevin Carroll of the EDL assaulted then arrested during charity walk to Woolwich

I was not entirely familiar with the EDL and upon doing some further investigation I found a slanderous article that not only derided the leaders of the EDL, but also the characters of Pamella Geller and Robert Spencer. A portion of the article:

… Lennon’s arrest followed his illegal entry into the US last September to attend a conference organised by notorious Islam-hating Zionists Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, whose “anti-Jihadist” organisation Stop Islamization of Our Nation–SION! –  he is a board member.


Lennon’s attendance at a Zionist-organised conference should come as no surprise, because the English Defence League have openly pledged loyalty to Israel. In an article posted on the EDL website and published on Geller’s ‘Atlas Shrugs’ blog in June 2011 [2], Lennon made his devotion to the Jewish state perfectly clear:

“One of the fundamental beliefs that this movement was built on was its support for Israel’s right to defend itself. In our first demonstrations, we went to Birmingham, and we flew the flag of Israel, the Star of David. In the first public speech I ever gave, I wore the Star of David in Leeds. The reason for this is because Israel is a shining star of democracy. If Israel falls, we all fall.” …

Not only have they slandered Geller and Spencer, the UK has banned them from entering the country!

A bridge too far: Leftist writers argue that Spencer and Geller should be admitted into the UK

It is quite apparent that the British media, indeed the British government, is more concerned with political correctness than with the sovereignty of their own nation. They are more interested in placating and appeasing the Islamists than preventing the collapse of their very existence. The antisemitism and hatred of Christians is blatantly obvious. I couldn’t count the number of times they derided Zionists and touted “neocons” as the origin of all evil all in the face of increasing Islamic violence within their own country!

Muslims Attack London Police (Jan 3 2009)

UK: EDL leaders arrested for attempting to walk through “Muslim area”

Sharia Comes to Great Britain

Finally, I would ask you Americans out there in the blogosphere to ask yourselves a question. Do you think that is possible that this kind of irrationality could happen here in the United States? Well, you are too late, because it’s already happening. David Wood and Nabeel Qureshi have already experienced this kind of treatment right here in the heart of Michigan:

Dearborn Arrests (Unedited Video Footage, by Request)

Muslim Brotherhood-linked, pro-Hamas Sheikh visits White House


Idiot Debbie Wasserman Schultz: ‘Sea Has Risen 9 Inches’

Debbie Wasserman Schultz – “Sea levels have risen nine inches …”

Opinion by AAABTonto:

Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D., Fla.):

“I will eventually represent Orlando if we don’t do something about making sure we can reduce global warming,” she said on Fox News. “Coastal communities all across the country, are facing dangerous sea-level rises, which will ultimately cause homes to be underwater in a few short years,” she said.

This utterly false and she is either a complete imbecile or a desperate liar. There is no Anthropogenic Global Warming (man-made climate influence). This is a desperate attempt to impose the United Nations carbon tax scheme on American citizens. It is junk science and it has been debunked repeatedly by many leading scientists–those who aren’t on the end of a government grant that will only continue if they tow the Obama administration’s line.

George Carlin: Global Warming Scam

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Trifecta – Global Hoax: Report Concludes that Global Warming Ended Sixteen Years Ago

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Idolizing Abortion


Why are we making a hero out of someone who is defending the killing of 20 week old children?

Opinion by AAABTonto:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry made note of Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis’ filibuster Tuesday, which helped derail legislation that would restrict abortions after 20 weeks of gestation in the state of Texas. It was the latest in Perry’s “war on women” and was a direct “attack” according to the liberal Left.

Gov. Rick Perry ‘slut-shames’ Sen. Wendy Davis by noting her accomplishments

Think Progress was in command of Davis’ defense, but Davis herself said that Perry “attacked” her in a statement today at the National Right to Life Convention–she even provided the video to prove it. Perry explained that both Davis and her mother were single mothers who overcame difficult circumstances and that Davis herself had managed to graduate from Harvard Law School and become an elected a state senator.

“Who are we to say that children born into the worst of circumstances can’t grow to live successful lives?” Perry asked.

Here is Perry’s attack:

Rick Perry attacks Wendy Davis

Slut shame? Maybe … if Democrats would stop murdering their offspring (future constituents), they wouldn’t need to legalize 11 million illegal immigrants in order to bolster their voting base? But I don’t want to offend them by pointing out the obvious. I return to my original question; what does it say about our country when we hoist a defender of infanticide to the level of heroine?

Obama’s Climate Change Agenda Is a Fool’s Vengeance

Greg Gutfeld & ‘The Five’ BLAST Obama’s Climate Change Agenda – Fox News – 6-25-13

Opinion by AAABTonto:

Obama’s climate change agenda is a poorly timed retort to the scandalanche by which he is surrounded. He has been embarrassed by China and Russia concerning the  NSA/Snowden escapade and he looks weak and irrelevant. So what does he decide to do? Why, he comes out swinging with climate claims that have long been debunked and he looks even more foolish than he did yesterday! The problem is that he is threatening to to bypass congress and implement these directives via executive order–this man’s arrogance never ceases to amaze me.

If it is not obvious to you by now that he is hell-bent on destroying America with his “fundamental transformation,” then you are as delusional as he is. This is surreal. We have enough coal–inexpensive clean energy, to last us another 300 years. Our environmental standards exceed every other industrialized nation on the planet. We should not place another restriction on ourselves until the rest of the world’s polluters do something to clean up their act and begin to improve their air quality.

But … that is not good enough for Obama …

No, he so zealous in his hatred of capitalism that he can’t wait to penalize America and continue his foolish, vengeful strangulation of our economy in order to ensure our poverty and eventual sole dependance on the government.

Sinister Obama 1