Being Prepared for the Unexpected …

Shelter Systems – Radius Engineering International Inc.

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Bunkers – Modern Marvels – History Channel Documentary

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Survival Planning on a Budget

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Storm Shelters – Tour of an Installed Underground Huntsville Tornado Lifesaver Storm Shelter (LS-12)

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Grow Your Own Food: Potatoes

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Grow Your Own Food: Blackberries

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  • em

    Honey, that is pasteurized has been used for centuries to heal wounds. Here is an update.

    ********Doctors discover ‘super honey’ with amazing power to treat soldiers’ wounds and kill superbug infections******

  • louisiana_mom

    Here’s a video on how to start a fire using a water bottle… Just in case your matches get wet…

    Start a Fire With a Water Bottle

  • em

    Well heck!
    That guy needs to come to my Idaho in order to see what a real potato looks like.


    • AAABTonto

      LOL ;-D)))

  • The_Patriot

    Preparing for war, disaster and any other Calamity. You either prepare to, win, stay safe or you are preparing to die

    • 1776 Freedom Fighter

      Wise words, dear Patriot; amen!

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