Indefensible Duplicity, Pt. 2

 A Obama sadThe ONE, who waited for himself …

Opinion by AAABTonto:

Another week, another scandalous revelation; the Obama administration is as duplicitous as is possible. Everything is made political to enhance Obama’s ‘advantage’ and if blows up in his face, then it is because the Tea Party is racist. This is becoming a regular occurrence.

This week we find out that Obama is importing and distributing illegal aliens, most of them children, from South America and dumping them in various cities around the country. Then sending them lawyers to force those states to give them redress of their immigrant situation.

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A Obama immigrants-reuters(Reuters Photo from FOX Nation)

DHS on Border Crisis: We Will ‘Act in Best Interest of the Child’

The amazing thing is to watch them twist themselves into a pretzel, while trying to convince us that this all good for the American economy. It dilutes employment opportunities and they will be recruited to become Democrat voters via the bureaucracies with auto sign-up programs like ‘motor voter’ … Obama told a group of potential donors at a recent fundraiser that,“… these ‘dreamkids’ are the country’s future”(paraphrased).

Why are the rest of our country’s children the ‘future’ of America?

Joe Biden: U.S. needs ‘constant, unrelenting stream’ of immigrants

This is scurrilous!

Lois Lerner’s “Lost” Emails

Also this week, we are then informed that Lois Learner’s emails were all hopelessly ‘lost’ due to a faulty hardrive that crashed. Oh my, how inconvenient. I sure am disappointed in that load of excrement. How about you?

IRS says it lost key Lerner emails

Then, last but not least, we see the Islamic extremists, ISIS are on the march from Syria and heading for Baghdad post haste. It seems that more of Obama’s ingenious foreign policy has just slipped through the sieve again.

FLASHBACK: Obama Team Predicted Rosy Future for Iraq in Congressional Testimony
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NBC: ‘Nightmare scenario’ for U.S. unfolding in Iraq

Everything this malcontent touches turns to bat dung and it is always the fault of the Tea Party, who isn’t even a real ‘party’ in the sense of the word. They are the only third of the country who is paying attention to what is really happening to our country and who is responsible. I find myself short of words. The lawlessness that is being perpetrated by our President is appalling …

 … Obama has a pen and a phone … a girl’s bicycle with a goofy looking helmet …

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