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Frank Gaffney & Doug Feith: New Iraq WMD scandal

Frank Gaffney and Doug Feith on the new Iraq WMD scandal
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Robert Spencer: Meet the new Muslim Terrorist Group, Khorasan

Robert Spencer – Meet the new Muslim terrorist group: Khorasan
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Michael Coren & Robert Spencer – Jihad Watch – Sept 18, 2014
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The Glazov Gang-Robert Spencer on Islam-Denial
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‘Hell Ride with Demon Seed’

“The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.” – Dante Alighieri

 Opinion by AAABTonto:

IF we are being led at all, it is surely by someone, who is in a hurry to see the gates Hell. Barrack Obama is by far, the worst President America has ever had in office. There is no doubt in my mind that he is batting for the other team. Are you proud to be an American? I am, however, I am profoundly embarrassed that we have one Barrack Hussein Obama as our president.

“What other team,” you ask?

Well, I can’t say for certain, but if one thinks he needs to ‘fundamentally transform’ America, then he sure-as-Hell does not love America. Then there is his cozyness with the Muslim Brotherhood, his obvious disdain for Israel, his support of Hamas … he is obviously a Muslim sympathizer at the very least.

The Muslim Brotherhood in America

Obama is said to have ‘checked out’ recently, but I think that is simply a ploy. His golf game is merely a distraction from the army of lawyers and bureaucrats swarming through the maze of smoke filled rooms which, are manufacturing rules and regulations by the score. This will only serve to further choke the already clogged arteries of our pseudo economy. Obama is not trying to help Americans at all, much less the middle class, he is trying to eliminate them. He wants each and every one of us dependent on the government.

Blueprint for water ‘control’? Pol says EPA made secret maps new regulatory push

Everything Obama does is some component of his progressive erector set that he employs against the will of the American people. Everything the man says is a lie. Every damn thing the man implements causes us inconvenience, pain, suffering and death; meanwhile, he stands behind his podium, smiling and proclaiming how much better HE has made things for us.

Boston Globe Reporter: ‘Bush Had No Coalition’ For Iraq War

The man wouldn’t know! He has never even had a REAL JOB! And, he hates the one he has now—governing is beneath him. He is a god, don’t you know? I’ll bet you money he has never even pulled the starter cord on a lawnmower, much less actually cut grass with one. He swears he’s not an ideologue, but he has to run every action he considers through his secretive think tank of progressive, communist, eggheads before he can make a damn decision. Then, said decision, is usually some form of verbal gymnastics or a semantic hat dance that ultimately means that the President reserves the right to blame the Republicans if it all goes poorly or to take ALL the credit if is a success.

Pelosi: Democrats Never Treated President Bush Badly

“God so loved the world that he made up his mind to damn a large majority of the human race.”Robert G. Ingersoll

Islamic State urges Muslims to attack Times Square with pipe bombs

Of course, success for Obama pretty much spells disaster for the rest of us, regardless of what the media propagandists are stuffing into the collective brain case of the LoFo’s (low-information voters). It is amazing how many of those Styrofoam packing peanuts they have managed to pile-drive into that void, but I digress.

ISIS release video that claims to show the beheading of American journalist Steven Sotloff

It is a rather eerie sort of atmosphere as type this here in the bunker; a thunderstorm is approaching with brilliant flashes of lightning, while I discuss Barry Soetoro’s ‘handbasket to Hell’ stratagem of free-world leadership. You know what they say: “Speak of the Devil.”

But, for all the words that Obama has spoken, he has said nothing and done quite enough—thank you very much. Are you better off than you were six years ago? Is the country better off than it was six years ago? The people of the world have spent the past 300 years trying to get to America and if the Progressives keep it up, they are all going to start trying to leave! I’ll bet Obama will build a fence then …

White House: America is NOT at war with ISIS

“Belief in a cruel God makes a cruel man.” – Thomas Paine

Everything is for the children according to the lefties, but they’ve mortgaged the future of the next two generations in order to bankroll Obama’s grand vision of utopia—more like distopia. Damn, what a guy! Did they say ANYTHING about the Iraqi Christians that the ISIL forces shot, stabbed, slashed, beat, beheaded, butchered, tortured, crucified and entombed alive? NO, they didn’t, because the Left believes that Christians are more extreme than Muslim jihadists!

Football team forced to remove Christian crosses from helmets

 Why Karl Rove and the GOP Establishment Will Lose Again

We can’t even get the the ‘establishment’ Republicans to extract their heads from the dark warm location where they have them ensconced … At least Cameron is beginning to see the light of day. Establishment Republicans suck, because they are willing to destroy their constituents way of life in order to preserve their own selfish beltway gravy trains.

Cameron Attacks Multiculturalism: ‘Adhering To British Values’ Is ‘Not A Choice’

Obama Meets With Hezbollah-Supporting Cleric on 9/11

Democrats … ‘er communist Progs are Hell-bent on this vision, even if means their own destruction.   They do not care about anything in any circumstance as long it is politically correct.

Dem Rep: Obama Must Go Forward On Amnesty To Quell Latino Racial Unrest

Immigration is a nightmare … and, it is plain as day what the American people want … close the damn boarder! We can’t adopt everyone who wants to be here. The problem with the world is the unequal distribution of Liberty and free market trade. Each continent should be able to at least be self-sustaining and its people free to determine their own destiny without the fear of being beheaded because they were inconsiderate of some 7th century, marauding, mad-man named Muhammad.

John Kerry: Bible Tells Us to Protect Muslim Countries From Global Warming

This may be our darkest hour … it would really be a shame not to give this our all and then come up a yard short, when so many who have gone before us, have given the ultimate sacrifice. Obama told UpChuck Todd on Meet the Depressed, that the ‘American people need to understand the nature of the threat …’ No, Mr. President, you misguided fool, we already understand the ‘nature of the threat’—we’ve been waiting on you to find your ass with both hands!

David Horowitz: The Hell That is the Obama White House

Hells Bells – AC/DC

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”Voltaire

Indefensible Duplicity, Pt. 2

 A Obama sadThe ONE, who waited for himself …

Opinion by AAABTonto:

Another week, another scandalous revelation; the Obama administration is as duplicitous as is possible. Everything is made political to enhance Obama’s ‘advantage’ and if blows up in his face, then it is because the Tea Party is racist. This is becoming a regular occurrence.

This week we find out that Obama is importing and distributing illegal aliens, most of them children, from South America and dumping them in various cities around the country. Then sending them lawyers to force those states to give them redress of their immigrant situation.

SEE ALSO: Border Patrol changing diapers, heating baby formula for surge of children

A Obama immigrants-reuters(Reuters Photo from FOX Nation)

DHS on Border Crisis: We Will ‘Act in Best Interest of the Child’

The amazing thing is to watch them twist themselves into a pretzel, while trying to convince us that this all good for the American economy. It dilutes employment opportunities and they will be recruited to become Democrat voters via the bureaucracies with auto sign-up programs like ‘motor voter’ … Obama told a group of potential donors at a recent fundraiser that,“… these ‘dreamkids’ are the country’s future”(paraphrased).

Why are the rest of our country’s children the ‘future’ of America?

Joe Biden: U.S. needs ‘constant, unrelenting stream’ of immigrants

This is scurrilous!

Lois Lerner’s “Lost” Emails

Also this week, we are then informed that Lois Learner’s emails were all hopelessly ‘lost’ due to a faulty hardrive that crashed. Oh my, how inconvenient. I sure am disappointed in that load of excrement. How about you?

IRS says it lost key Lerner emails

Then, last but not least, we see the Islamic extremists, ISIS are on the march from Syria and heading for Baghdad post haste. It seems that more of Obama’s ingenious foreign policy has just slipped through the sieve again.

FLASHBACK: Obama Team Predicted Rosy Future for Iraq in Congressional Testimony
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NBC: ‘Nightmare scenario’ for U.S. unfolding in Iraq

Everything this malcontent touches turns to bat dung and it is always the fault of the Tea Party, who isn’t even a real ‘party’ in the sense of the word. They are the only third of the country who is paying attention to what is really happening to our country and who is responsible. I find myself short of words. The lawlessness that is being perpetrated by our President is appalling …

 … Obama has a pen and a phone … a girl’s bicycle with a goofy looking helmet …

 A Obama-bikeIndefensible Duplicity, Pt. 1

David Horowitz: The Black Book of the American Left

The Black Book of the American Left: The Collected Conservative Writings of David Horowitz
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Why Obama Freed Terror Lawyer Lynne Stewart

The Glazov Gang-Part 1 of 2/ Daniel Greenfield on Gates’ Confirmation of “Party of Defeat”
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The Glazov Gang-Part 2 of 2/ Daniel Greenfield on Gates’ Confirmation of “Party of Defeat”
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From YouTube description:

Published on Jan 10, 2014
The Glazov Gang-Part 1 of 2/ Daniel Greenfield on Gates’ Confirmation of “Party of Defeat”
Hosted by: Ann-Marie Murrell
Daniel Greenfield (Shillman Fellow, Freedom Center)

 Opinion by AAABTonto:

Daniel Greenfield is someone I can identify with. His devotion to to the truth—as otherwise ignored by the MSM, is most admirable. He has the ‘tell it like it is’ ability and perseverance that I wish all journalists had. In the above video, he is correct in his assessment that, if we all share our knowledge with others and circumvent the MSM, then we can overcome them. The truth is seen by those of us looking at it, regardless of what media propagandists tell us to believe.

That’s why I blog. I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, or the most articulate communicator, but when I see something terrible happening to my country, I can’t be quiet about it. I just can’t. The more I learn about my world, the more I want to know and the expansion of Islam and introduction of Sharia is a definite threat to Western cultures. It is threatening because it imposes the Islamic belief system on free peoples who, are then subject to whatever whimsical demands Muslims might make on them. It is ridiculously absurd. Absolutely anything that we might do as westerners could be construed as ‘offensive’ to Muslims, because we haven’t done it to honor Alla!

Daniel Greenfield’s work at FrontPage Mag is outstanding; giving readers a realistic perspective into the politics of Islam. Here is a link to one Greenfield’s more recent articles that I trust you all will share with your friends.

What Churchill Would Make of Obama’s Iran Appeasement

Brothers Muslim 2

Reza Aslan: Twisting Christian Scriptures

A Reza Aslan photoReza Aslan

Reza Aslan: Twisting Christian Scriptures for the Sake of Allah

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Reza Aslan and the Historical Jesus (A Reply to “Zealot”)
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Glenn Beck Rips Apart “Zealot,” a book by Reza Aslan “The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth”
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Ignoring the Ideological Problem

wanted dead or alive - infidelsIslam’s most wanted list …

Anthony Furey & Robert Spencer – The Ballad Of Molly Norris

 Opinion by AAABTonto:

As if Americans didn’t have enough on their political plates to worry about, the silent encroachment of Islam steadily continues. Our government is embracing Islam while simultaneously attacking the rights of Christians to express themselves religiously. The double standard is obvious—hell, it’s flagrant! You cannot even be the slightest bit critical of Islam or you are accused of intolerance, yet Islam’s intolerance of homosexuals is ignored. Why? All a Christian will say to a homosexual is that they believe what they are doing is wrong. If some Muslims find out that you are “gay” then you will be summarily hanged to death. Likewise, if you are Muslim and you convert to Christianity then you have committed “apostasy,” the most heinous of crimes against Islam.

Sahih al-Bukhari 6922Allah’s Messenger said, “If anyone changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.”

Islam is not a religion of peace. 1400 years ago Muhammad declared war on humanity and set out to force all people to submit to Islam—Islam means “submission.”  We are ignoring the ideological problem that we have with Islam. Islam preaches intolerance.  Islam is not compatible with our contemporary western culture. Sharia is not compatible with our Constitution.

Islam: The Deception

Our government ignoring the capacity for Islam to incite violence and endangering Americans in the process. Muslims are not going to integrate into our society because their religion forbids it. Islam is the ultimate state. That’s it, period, end of story. There is no compromise and if think that there is, then you are fool and you will pay for your foolishness with your life. Theocratic rule of the world is the stated goal of Islam and is written in the Qur’an:

Sura 61:9It is He Who has sent His Messenger forth with the guidance and the religion of truth, to make it triumph over every religion, even though the idolaters may be averse.

There is no shortage of people who want YOU to forfeit YOUR liberty for THEIR beliefs and America is seemingly silent about it. What say ye?

Wicked Woven Web

Jihad is “the most misunderstood concept of Islam,” says Indian Muslim historian

Islam will dominate the world 2

2 Million Bikers Rally To Washington

FULL COVERAGE: 2 Million Bikers Rally To Washington , DC 9-11 TRIBUTE 2013
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Aerial Footage!! Two Million Bikers Rally Cruise Into DC 9/11!!
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9/11 Bikers Denied Permit for D.C. Ride – Belinda Bee – Fox & Friends – 9-11-13

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