Robert Spencer & Michael Coren on Pope Francis’s Remarks on Islam

Michael Coren & Robert Spencer – Jihad Watch – Nov 28, 2013

Last night on my weekly appearance on Michael Coren’s Sun TV show, Michael and I discussed the Pope’s recent remarks about authentic Islam being peaceful, the ex-Muslim poet in Denmark whose life has been threatened for criticizing Islam, and the schoolchildren in the U.K. who were threatened with being labeled “racists” if they did not attend a seminar on Islam.

Pope Francis: “Authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Koran are opposed to every form of violence”

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The importance of eye contact, emotional expression and non-verbal communication: How niqab and burqa can harm the psychological development of Muslim children

Mea Culpa

65 Outrageous Lies by President Obama

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Brian Eno & David Byrne – Mea Culpa

The Belligerence of the Ruling Class

A ruling class pair of assholes

These two look like they could be brothers … both of them disgust me …

Opinion by AAABTonto:

On the heels of Reid’s detonation of the “nuclear option” we learn that the RINOs are on the warpath, but not against Democrats. No, the problem is that damnable Tea Party—they just ruin everything!

Harry Reid on the Nuclear Option

In an article at Breitbart senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said the Tea Party movement, in his view, was “nothing but a bunch of bullies” and that he plans to “punch them in the nose.” This statement made, allegedly, during a conference call for Karl Rove’s Crossroads organization of large political donors and their advisers on Oct. 30.

According to a donor who participated in the call, McConnell personally named Senators Mike Lee (R-UT) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) as Tea Party conservatives he views as problematic. “The bulk of it was an attack on the Tea Party in general, Cruz in particular,” the source said in the phone interview with Breitbart News. The most memorable line was reported to have come at the end of the call.

“McConnell said the Tea Party was ‘nothing but a bunch of bullies,’” the source said. “And he said ‘you know how you deal with schoolyard bullies? You punch them in the nose and that’s what we’re going to do.’”

This really comes as no surprise to me … the upper echelons of the Republican Party have been annoyed with the Tea Party movement ever since they became a political force. It seems they don’t appreciate the Tea party meddling in “their” affairs. Never mind that the Tea Party is the very base that makes up the so called “big tent” of the GOP. The beltway boys of ruling class Republicans don’t need any help from the simple minded Christian rubes of the heartland. In the same way Obama looks down his nose at conservatives, the ruling class Republicans thinks that they are a liability—something stuck to the bottom of their erudite shoes.

Apparently the genius, Karl Rove, participated in the call as well, with American Crossroads President and CEO Steven J. Law, who also the president of sister group Crossroads GPS. According to the source, Rove “talked in a slightly gentler way, or let’s say, a more diplomatic way. But the message was pretty well the same: That if we’re going to save this thing, we have to back real Republicans.”

So citizens, who fancy themselves as Tea Party minded, cannot be “real Republicans?” Well Karl, what are the requirements one needs to meet in order to be a “real Republican?” Do we have to agree to immigration reform, and forget all about repealing Obamacare? Do we have to“go along to get along” and sacrifice all of our core beliefs for the Rove doctrine of compromise—a strategy that has failed repeatedly in the past few presidential elections?

Maybe, if Mitch McConnell and the Karl Rove crowd spent less time urinating on their Tea party base and attempted to criticize and defeat Democrats, they might enjoy some political success.

The article went on to explain that Rove spokesman Jonathan Collegio denies that anything was said about Cruz, Lee, or the Tea Party. However he did admit that the call did take place and that was “some discussion” concerning the government shutdown and the Senate Conservatives Fund. However, Collegio did not provide a transcript or recording of the call and McConnell’s office has made no comment on the matter.

Reid on Filibuster in 2008

In this video Reid claims that the Republicans were going to make the Senate just like the House of Representatives, when in fact the Progressive Movement accomplished that with the 17th Amendment nearly 100 years ago. Everything he accuses Republicans of is everything that Democrats are doing even as I type—a documented Alinski tactic. Reid is a bona fide despotic liar.

Podesta in 2005: Nuclear Option ‘Will Cause Lasting Damage to the Senate’

There is no altitude too low for Democrats. They will stoop to any level required to achieve their perverse purpose of total dominion—ensuring the serfdom of each and every American and extinguishing the flame of liberty. And apparently, the RINOs want to help them accomplish their goal.

Please sign the petition to retire Mitch McConnell.

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Does the Treaty Power Threaten Our System of Limited Government?

Does the Treaty Power Threaten Our System of Limited Government?
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YouTube description:

Americans are taught from a young age that our government is a government of limited powers. Congress cannot simply pass any law that it wishes: the Constitution prescribes limits on its lawmaking ability. Or does it? The upcoming case of United States v. Bond, set for oral argument before the Supreme Court during its October term, presents the first Supreme Court case involving the scope of the Treaty Power in 93 years. If the Court decides that the Treaty Power can increase the legislative powers of Congress, the authority of the Federal government will be essentially limitless. The Honorable Ted Cruz, United States Senator and former Texas Solicitor General with experience defending his state’s sovereign rights before the High Court, will discuss the constitutional role of the Senate and states with Professor Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz, one of the foremost legal authorities on the scope of the Treaty Power.

Senator Ted Cruz & Ronald Reagan on ‘The Tonight Show’

Senator Ted Cruz, Part 1 – The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
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Senator Ted Cruz, Part 2 – The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
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Ronald Reagan on Carson wmv
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