The Tea Party Is the ‘Taliban of American Politics’

Opinion by AAABTonto:

Well, there they go again; it’s all about what Republicans do or won’t do instead of what Obama and his administration have done. The MSM is sick. There couldn’t possibly be a more biased, delusional, dysfunctional group of people in our society and they are the ones who entrusted to bring us the news in an untainted manner. Like hell …

You might think that the DOJ’s most recent infringement on rights by wire-tapping the Associated Press’ telephones would awaken them to the reality that tyranny isn’t “just around the corner”–it is in the White House, but no–it hasn’t. Obama and his sycophantic minions just keep plodding “forward” in their never ending zeal for fundamental transformation.

Eric Holder has the unmitigated gall to tell Darrell Issa that the way he handles himself in congress is shameful? This kind of arrogance has no humility; everything and everyone is beneath the estimable Eric Von Holder.

Eric Holder Calls Darrell Issa’s Conduct ‘Shameful’ At House Hearing – 5/15/13

This is the AG who believes that he can cherry-pick which laws he “feels” like enforcing. The Constitution affords him no such authority. This is the AG who chose not to prosecute the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation when they stood outside to Pennsylvania polling stations with billy clubs. This is the AG who decided that he would not enforce the Defensive Marriage Act. This is the AG who didn’t recuse himself in writing on matters concerning the wire-tapping of the Associated Press. This is the AG whose law firm defended more Guantanamo detainees than any other in the country. This is a man who believes he is above the law.

IRS Chief Steven Miller: “I Can’t Remember” Who Is Responsible for Targeting Conservatives

Selective memory? Imagine that … “I don’t know. I can’t remember, uh … I wasn’t present when that was decided … I, uh … don’t know who was in charge of that.” None of us is this damn gullible!

IRS: ‘Please Detail the Content of Your Members’ Prayers’

There is much that has already been said about this, but there damn-well ought to be a lot more said about it. This is a flagrant infringement on the 1st Amendment and it is outright voter disenfranchisement. I believe the penalty for such crimes is five years in prison, but you can bet your pimply posterior that Eric I-am-better-than-you Holder will go out of his way to see that these infractions are not pursued.

You see, the Tea Party is “like the Taliban” and they want to defend the Constitution, so we need to go after them; they are extremists!

Former NAACP Chair: Targeting Tea Party ‘Legitimate’ Bc They’re ‘Taliban of American Politics’

Rot in hell, Mr. Julian Bond … rot in hell!