Harry Reid – Professional Jackass

Harry Reid Goes Off on GOP for Causing Shutdown: ‘Embarrassing’ Tea Party ‘Anarchists’ Run the Show

Opinion by AAABTonto:

I am sick and damn tired of the pompous ass, Harry Reid. Shutting down the pathetically inefficient government is NOT an “blow to America”—it is about damn time!

Harry says, “All they (Republicans) have to do is accept what we already passed … they are fixated on embarrassing our President …”

No, Harry, all we have to do is give you the finger, which we should have began doing four years ago when you began ignoring the law by NEVER passing a budget and allowing the President to spend us into oblivion! We don’t HAVE to do ANYTHING YOU think we have to do, because we are AMERICANS! We are not “anarchists”—we want YOU to follow the rule of law! We tell dishonest, snake oil salesmen like you to let the door hit you in the ass!

No one wanted ObamaCare when you originally got it passed … on a Friday … at midnight … after bribing and arm-twisting half the congress—not a SINGLE Republican voted FOR it. Yet, you shoved it down our throats anyway and now it’s killing everything it touches. The President ran all over the country promising that it wasn’t a tax and THEN the ONLY way it survived the scrutiny of the Supreme Court was when Justice Roberts contorted himself into a pretzel and decided that it was constitutional because it was a tax!

There is seat in hell reserved solely for you, Harry!

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