Cross-eyed & Painless (Part 1)

What idiot expected free speaking Americans to step into the 1st Amendment area?

Opinion by AAABTonto:

Willing, determined ignorance is going to be the death of this country. America allowed itself to become spoiled, soft, lazy and ignorant of everything critical to preserving our future. Many Americans are in denial of the fact that some not-so-nice people have designs on us and, despite the efforts of some to enlighten those who refuse to see, the willingly ignorant prefer to remain so.

My dear father—God rest his soul, would be utterly dismayed with the political goings on within our present government. Were he still alive, I honestly believe all of this would have killed him. He detested politicians and if he could see the flagrant, shameless, arrogant, manner in which the bureaucracies have become eager to increase their numbers, limit our liberties and build their own paramilitary units, his head would explode. ‘We the people’ are serfs; we are at the beckoned call of whatever bureaucratic bastion dictates to us, whenever we exercise some imaginative form of liberty.

Head is going to explode 6Oligarchy in the Twenty-First Century – Think rich conservatives rule the world? Think again …

Obama loves government. He loves imposing his will on the ‘once great America’ that needed to be cut down to size, because HE doesn’t think the way our country was founded was legitimate. So, Obama builds on regulation, he expands the size and number of government employees. He ramrods a an unconstitutional healthcare law through congress, against the will of the people and then puts the IRS in charge of it. Then he allows them to assemble their own armed contingencies. What the hell do these doughnut consuming museums of freeloading pensioners need with up-armored, tactile, military vehicles, stormtroopers and snipers?

Our president believes that the people should serve the government.

And you low information voters just think it’s great. You willingly abdicate your liberty. You would rather have someone else think for you, because it is too hard for you decide for yourself. As long as you can have you X Box and your smartphone—your audiovisual pacifiers, you don’t care about politics. That shit will take care of itself and you don’t want to think about it. Progressives don’t want to know about history; they say, “Why in the hell does one need to know about anything that has already happened? We’re all about the future, man.”

The socialists are in charge and the government is their weapon …

The IRS will now be free to regulate our health care concerns; why, I am sure they would never lord our ‘conservative’ politics over us—they’re nice people, just like those Muslims … and we’re supposed to grateful for His Highness’ brilliant vision. My God, man. Who could have known that so much wisdom could be extruded from one man’s mind?

Obama is in pursuit of tyranny …

MSNBC Host to People Who Lost Their ‘Crappy’ Coverage Under Obamacare ‘Just Deal With That’

Deal with this, smarmy one:

Not everyone is as stupid as you might prefer them to be. We may have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night. Your cross-eyed, numb and dumb-assed view of the planet is the problem and we can do some simple math to prove it. What you want us  to believe does not add up and you conveniently leave out all of the history that proves socialism’s track record has only brought pestilence and death every where and every time it has been employed, period. Millions upon millions of peoples have died under the auspices of socialism and its beloved-ly good intentions.

Press Tries to Discredit Conservatives With Cliven Bundy, Ignores Large Dem Donor Convicted of Brutal Domestic Abuse

So have we found a level to which the people will stand up and respond?

I think we have. The incident at the Bundy ranch in Nevada filled me with a sense of pride—Harry Reid be damned. The government bureaucrats are clueless as to how far the American people are going to allow them to go with their new found affection for authority and black military equipment. I think it is time we gave them clear understanding that we have reached the limit of our patience. This country is not a possession of the government. The government is supposed to be of and by the People. The People possess the government and thus are not subservient to it—at least not for much longer.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: It’s ‘Dangerous’ to Want ‘Big Government’ to Disappear

You ‘progressive communists’ may well succeed at transforming America into the socialist toilet you envision; but even if you do, you will not be happy. You will wish for days like those we are arguing in right now, because we are at liberty to argue. In your world differences of opinion will be illegal.

The debate ends when you start blindly calling other people names and accusing them of thoughts and words that they have never had ownership of. That, my prog-commie friends, is uncivilized. Individual liberty must be a column in the refinement of our civilization’s future architecture. You are ‘civilized’, right ‘er correct? Maybe that’s why they call conservatives the ‘right’ … because they are!

Billionaire Tom Steyer: I’m Not Like the Koch Brothers

Talking Heads – Crosseyed And Painless (HQ)
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A commie barack_obamaThe government is their weapon … to be continued.