Clarence Thomas an Uncle Tom?

Clyburn: ‘I don’t know’ if Clarence Thomas is an Uncle Tom
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James Clyburns Views On Calling Clarence Thomas An Uncle Tom Evolved Overnight
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Opinion by AAABTonto:

First off, this belies their prejudice. This is bigoted. It is surreal and absurd. How is one black man’s perspective traitorous to another black man whose point of view differs? It seems to me that Clyburn believes that blacks are entitled to special dispensations just because they are black. So, liberal blacks are upset with Justice Thomas because of recent SCOTUS opinion on Affirmative Action. God forbid that we might start to judge people by the the content of their character instead of the color of one’s skin; but then, guys like Clyburn wouldn’t have a job.

The second part of this is that no one is limiting anyone’s right to vote; least of all Justice Clarence Thomas. Clyburne is referencing Voter ID and has his panties in a wad over this idea that requiring an ID to vote is some how a hindrance to the disadvantaged. IT IS NOT. If one wants to get cigarettes, a six pack, open a bank account, rent an apartment, get on an airplane, access a govt. building or sign up for food stamps, YOU NEED A PHOTO ID!

This battle was also fought in Indiana and the opponents of Voter ID could not produce a single witness to testify that they were in anyway inhibited from voting by this requirement. The means justifies the end. They want to win by hook or crook and their feigned indigence at something that is so sensible, is evidence of their duplicity.

Voter ID laws might inhibit the Democrats ability to cheat elections …

Voter ID laws might be a ‘hindrance’ to voter fraud … which is exactly the damned idea that makes it GOOD LAW!

A voter-id imageWilling ignorance plays into the hand of the duplicitous …