Ronald Reagan 1

Welcome to worldOtonto where we will begin to help America get both hands on its center of gravity … I am an artist, photographer and architectural designer. I love my country and I want to see it restored to original Constitutional status as the Founders envisioned. I became eligible to vote in 1980 and cast my first ever presidential vote for Ronald Reagan and I am damn proud to have done so. Reagan had it right and we need to return to the principles that he lived by.

I have never understood my fellow artisan’s love affair with the progressive left and their endearment of socialism. Socialism has failed everywhere and every time it has been employed throughout history and the first thing a socialist totalitarian does upon assuming power is to round up all of the artists, poets and thinkers and have them killed or imprisoned. So why do so may artist types align themselves with the Left? I would think that they would prefer the advantages of liberty.


This site is “under construction” and I hope to have much more of completed very soon. All good things to all good people and …

God bless America!

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